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Lange Ärmel Meerjungfrau Applikationen schier Prom Kleider

[Artikelnummer: BC0514]

5.0 6
US$  169. 00
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E-packet | Standard Lieferung:10-25

Beschreibung Maßetabelle Shipping


Beschreibung Maßetabelle Shipping
Produktname: Lange Ärmel Meerjungfrau Applikationen schier Prom Kleider
Artikelnummer: D155203053788099
Farbe: Wie Bild,Weiß,Elfenbein,Nude Rosa,Rosa,Bonbon Rosa,Perlen Rosa,Altrosa,Wassermelonen,Rot,Fuchsia,Weinrot,Schokolade,Braun,Golden,Chamagner,Roségold,Orange,Gelb,Gelb,Regency,Purpur,Lila,Lavendel,Himmel Blau,Blau,Meerblau,König Blau,Tintenblau,Navy Blau,Schwarz,Grau,Silber,Dunkel Grün,Jade,Limettengrün,Grün,Salbeigrün,Mint Grün
Maß: EU 32,EU 34,EU 36,EU 38,EU 40,EU 42,EU 44,EU 46,EU 44 G,EU 46 G,EU 48,EU 50,EU 52,EU 54,EU 56
Kategorie: echte Kleiderfotos
Schnitt: Meerjungfrau Stil
Länge: Bodenlang
Verzierung: Applikation

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I usually wear a small-medium in dresses and based on the reviews I read, I decided to order a small. I am so glad I ordered the small because it is very roomy for a small. I could of probably ordered an ex-small. But the size is ok and I love the dress. It is so pretty with the lace and it is so light weight. I will be wearing it to a wedding in August and even though it has long sleeves, I will just scrunch the sleeves up and I shouldn't be too hot at all. I would recommend this dress to anyone. It is so inexpensive but looks top end.


I am rating this dress 5 stars because for the price of the dress it was great quality! I bought the black color for my wedding dress, and it turned out perfect! We added a strip of boning to each side towards the front to add shape, removed the mesh that covered the chest, trimmed and hemmed the bottom to a puddle train, hemmed the straps, added a hook and clasp above the zipper, stiched the padding in place and added a silk red sash! Of course the dress was pretty before alterations, but customized it was even better. I recommend this dress! It also arrived pretty quick (:


Fits perfectly according to the measurements! It’s a elegant dress and great quality fabric. Would recommend to anyone who needs a friendly dress!Thanks .


Absolutely outstanding service. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with this purchase. I tracked its delivery and everything was spot on as stated! It arrived perfectly packed.The dress is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I had envisaged but could never find locally. Even if I had found something remotely similar, it would have taken at least 6 months to be ordered and delivered. I am extremely impressed with the short time my dress took to be ordered, manufactured and delivered to me. It is exactly how it was described and is of excellent quality. The finishing on the dress is of high standard. I would have paid 4 or 5 times as much for it in a shop and don't think even then that the quality could have been better. I am so looking forward to wearing this dress - my perfect dream of what I would wear.


I really like it very comfortable and elegant.


Perfect fit. Loved it so much I bought a second one in the same style.

Lange Ärmel Meerjungfrau Applikationen schier Prom Kleider