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ALEENA | حورية البحر جوهرة بطول الركبة الدانتيل فساتين العودة للوطن

[رمز العنصر: CPS681]

US$  44.06 US$ 236.17 81% تنزيلات
اللون: اختر من فضلك اللون
  • عنابي
خريطة اللون
خريطة الحجم
وقت الخياطة: 13-17 أيام
وقت الشحن: 5-10 أيام

الشحن المعجل:5-10

الشحن القياسي:15-25

وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping

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وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping
اسم المنتج: ALEENA | حورية البحر جوهرة بطول الركبة الدانتيل فساتين العودة للوطن
رمز العنصر: B150943891545293
اللون: عنابي,
بحجم: US 2, US 4, US 6, US 8, US 10, US 12, US 14, US 16, US 18W,
فهرس: فساتين العودة للوطن,
: سحاب,
الموسم: الربيع, الشتاء, الخريف, الصيف,
العنق: جوهرة,
مواد: صقيل, رباط,
خيال: مرءة حامل,
: يخطئ,
طول الكم: بلا أكمام,
خط الخصر: بسيط,
هملين: بطول الركبة,
زخرفة: ربط الحذاء,

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تاريخ: May 27, 2018

Flexible and prompt, replied my request in a timely manner without any delays. Sent correct items well within the ETA of delivery. I am very happy with their friendly assistance and efficient performance. Well done! Good Job!

تاريخ: April 30, 2018

Looked as ordered. Arrived on time.

تاريخ: April 29, 2018

I got a gorgeous dress at a good price with fast shipping. I couldn't be happier

تاريخ: April 05, 2018

It came very quick!

تاريخ: March 02, 2018

I am happy to receive my dress on time, I just wished they had more styles in my size (18) ready and available.

تاريخ: February 22, 2018

Very happy with service!

تاريخ: January 31, 2018

My Granddaughter saw the dress on line. She forwarded the picture to me.So, being the good Grandma that I am, I ordered the dress. It was delivered quickly and fits her nicely. I definitely will use this site for special dance dresses for my 2 Granddaughters in the future.

تاريخ: January 26, 2018

I was nervous about ordering online but I received notification next day that the dress was in stock. Received tracking on shipment and dress received within 1 week. Dress was beautiful and exceeded expectations!! Would highly recommend!

تاريخ: August 09, 2017

Babyonlinewholesale you have exceeded all my expectations. I purchased this homecoming dress online and I was extremely worried! The pricing was ever so cheap, the shipping was predicted to be fast and I assumed the dress quality wouldn't be top notch. Wow! Thank you so very much.

تاريخ: August 06, 2017

Absolutely delighted with the homecoming dress, it's beautiful. Thank you so much Babyonlinewholesale. It's amazing. Will be buying more dresses from here