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ALEXIA | ألف خط الخامس عنق عنابي قصير الرباط كوكتيل فساتين العودة للوطن مع الكشكشة

[رمز العنصر: CPS677]

4.8 7
US$  108. 00 US$ 226.80 52% تنزيلات
بحجم: اختر من فضلك بحجم
    خريطة الحجم

    يرجى إدخال المعلومات التفصيلية الخاصة بك ، وسوف نقوم بتخصيص اللباس بالنسبة لك. يرجى الانتباه ، الرسوم المخصصة هي  US$ 50.00

    اختر من فضلك :
    A.عرض الكتف():
    a2.طول الكم():
    E.أجوف إلى الأرض():
    F.أجوف إلى الركبة():
    *G.الارتفاع (القدم العارية)():
    وقت الخياطة: 14-15 أيام
    وقت الشحن: 5-10 أيام

    الشحن المعجل:5-10

    الشحن القياسي:15-25

    وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping

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    وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping
    اسم المنتج: ALEXIA | ألف خط الخامس عنق عنابي قصير الرباط كوكتيل فساتين العودة للوطن مع الكشكشة
    رمز العنصر: B150943564627532
    بحجم: US 2,US 4,US 6,US 8,US 10,US 12,US 14,US 16
    فهرس: فستان الحفلة فساتين العودة للوطن
    : عارية الذراعين
    الموسم: الربيع,الصيف,الخريف,الشتاء
    العنق: طوق V
    مواد: صقيل,رباط
    خيال: A-خط
    : تفاح
    طول الكم: بلا أكمام
    خط الخصر: بسيط
    هملين: صغير
    زخرفة: ربط الحذاء

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    Fast shipping! Dress is exactly has pictured


    We had the best experience with the babyonlinewholesale. Customer service was very helpful. We ordered three dress and returned two. The return process was very simple. We will order online from now on.


    The dress was exactly as it appeared on the web-site. Great quality and fast delivery. We were thrilled and will definitely order from babyonlinewholesale.com again!!


    Dress fit perfect and customer service was very helpful and friendly


    It is as flattering as it looks. I received it today and was pleased when I tried it on because it fit me perfectly!!


    Recently tried to purchase a Homecoming dress for my daughter. Bought one from Mori Lee that looked great online. When it came, the sizing was weird--way too big. Called the customer service line and was told that dress did tend to run large. It would have been nice to see some info about that on the website. Had a different Mori Lee sent, and that one was extraordinarily small. Called, and was told that yes, that particular dress ran really small. Would have appreciated that info during the phone call when I was initially ordering. With shipping and restocking I'm out close to $100 for nothing. Will not be doing that again. Even with sizing charts, which are not necessarily accurate, there really isn't enough info for a good shopping experience. And, that's after 2 phone calls also.


    Easy to shop, fast shipping, good quality

    ALEXIA | ألف خط الخامس عنق عنابي قصير الرباط كوكتيل فساتين العودة للوطن مع الكشكشة