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ADA | ألف خط الخامس الرقبة الشيفون وصيفة الشرف اللباس مع يزين

[رمز العنصر: CPS233]

5.0 5
US$  75. 59 US$ 240.00 68% تنزيلات
اللون: اختر من فضلك اللون
خريطة اللون
وقت الخياطة: 3-7 أيام
وقت الشحن: 5-10 أيام

الشحن المعجل:5-10

الشحن القياسي:15-25

وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping

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وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping
اسم المنتج: ADA | ألف خط الخامس الرقبة الشيفون وصيفة الشرف اللباس مع يزين
رمز العنصر: B151011236201812
اللون: كالموضح بصورة,قرنفلي,عنابي,الوصاية على العرش,ليلكى,أزرق غامق,أسود,رمدة,النعناع الأخضر
بحجم: US 2,US 4,US 6,US 8,US 10,US 12,US 14,US 16,US 16W,US 18W,US 20W,US 22W,US 24W,US 26W
فهرس: فساتين العودة للوطن فستان الشبينة
: سحاب
العنق: طوق V
مواد: الشيفون 100D
خيال: A-خط
: يخطئ
طول الكم: بلا أكمام
خط الخصر: بسيط
هملين: الطابق طول
زخرفة: زين

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Amazing buy for so little price! Had some issues with shipping time so I highly recommend buying wayyyy in advance. Like most of the other reviews said, it’s a little big in the chest area but this actually ended up working in my favor.


Dress looks exactly like the picture. Only difference was that the back meshy pet was dark blue instead of skin color. Because of packaging it was wrinkled slightly but it can be steamed to fix. There is a hem line at the bottom of the dress for those considering altering the length. Overall I was very pleased and would buy from here again!


I was a little disappointed the dress is not as pretty as the image it also has some faults the sleeves as not the same and the tull to the back is cut high and low and very uneven. Better if Worn with a petticoat. But with hair and makeup I pulled it off


Amaaaazing dress , amazing service , amazing experience , love the quality and the dress arrived 100% free of defects . Arrived in time.100?%? Recommend it. First time with Babyonlinewholesale but never the last . Sooooo happy.


after talking to Babyonlinewholesale, I was put completely at ease. The rep i talked with is not only extremely professional, but she is also a wonderful person. She was accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient.

ADA | ألف خط الخامس الرقبة الشيفون وصيفة الشرف اللباس مع يزين