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توري الكرة بثوب خارج الكتف طول الكلمة فساتين حفلة موسيقية الأزرق

[رمز العنصر: BA6777]

5.0 10
US$  190. 80
اللون: اختر من فضلك اللون
خريطة اللون

يرجى إدخال المعلومات التفصيلية الخاصة بك ، وسوف نقوم بتخصيص اللباس بالنسبة لك. يرجى الانتباه ، الرسوم المخصصة هي  US$ 20.00

اختر من فضلك :
A.عرض الكتف():
a2.طول الكم():
E.أجوف إلى الأرض():
F.أجوف إلى الركبة():
*G.الارتفاع (القدم العارية)():
وقت الخياطة: 3-7 أيام
وقت الشحن: 5-10 أيام

الشحن المعجل:5-10

الشحن القياسي:15-25

وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping

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وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping
اسم المنتج: توري الكرة بثوب خارج الكتف طول الكلمة فساتين حفلة موسيقية الأزرق
رمز العنصر: B152273347508475
اللون: كالموضح بصورة,أبيض,عاجي,ممبة,قرنفلي,وردي,اللؤلؤ القرنفلي,الزهري المغبر,أحمر البطيخ,أحمر,مناويشي,عنابي,لون الشوكولاتة بني,أسمر,ذهبي,شمباني,الورد الذهبي,برتقالي,اصفر,لون النرجس,الوصاية على العرش,بنفسجي,ليلكى,الخزامي,ملحة,أزرق فاتح,المحيط الأزرق,الأزرق الملكي,الحبر الأزرق,أزرق غامق,أسود,رمدة,فضة,أخضر غامق,أصحم,الليمون الأخضر,أخضر,قصعين,النعناع الأخضر
بحجم: US 2,US 4,US 6,US 8,US 10,US 12,US 14,US 16,US 14W,US 16W,US 18W,US 20W,US 22W,US 24W,US 26W
فهرس: صور اللباس الحقيقي
أماكن: كنيسة,حديقة,صالة
: سحاب
الموسم: الربيع,الصيف,الخريف,الشتاء
العنق: حبيبة,من على الظهر
مواد: صقيل مرن
خيال: فستان الحفلة
: يخطئ
قطار: قطار مصلى
طول الكم: قبعة الاكمام
خط الخصر: بسيط
هملين: الطابق طول
زخرفة: كشكش,سحاب امامي

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This dress is to die for!! I needed a gown to wear to a holiday ball, and I wanted something with a vintage feel.it is absolutely stunning.


The dress is beautiful! Its material is of good quality and the beading is immaculate! For the price i was supposedly meant to pay for the dress, which was $120 i was getting a good sale! So why a low rating? Well its because of the import taxes that i wa


I included a lot of photos of the dusty pink because it is hard to accurately capture the color.It looks Mauve. A pink with lavender undertone.It is a pretty dress and for a great price. The quality could be better but again you are paying for something fast and needed in a time crunch.I wear a size 14 dress size with a 36D bra size normally and this one is pretty snug even for a 16. I would say size 12 would be the ideal size for the size 16 especially if you have a larger bust size.I hope they make larger sizes in the future so everyone can feel beautiful in this dress!I highly recommend overall but if you are above a size 14/16 you might need to look elsewhere depending on where you carry your weight at.


We ordered this dress for my daughter's prom. It is absolutely beautiful...just like in the pictures and the fit is perfect! We were lucky that my daughter's measurements were almost exactly the same as the model's (her waist was about an inch bigger than


This is a beautiful dress and seems to be well made. It does run large, however. I am 5'3", 135lbs 36-29-38. I ordered a Medium according to the size chart provided by the seller but it was still loose in the waist and very loose in the chest. I am returning it and have ordered it in a Small. I am really looking forward to wearing this.


I received my dress and it is exactly the way it looks online very true to the pic and true to size, I'm very pleased.


Just look at the picture!...on time and beautiful.


I ordered this custom-fitted, the delivery time was good and the fabric is lovely. I didn't realise when ordering the dress that the upper part was so heavily boned/structured, making the dress more like a bodice with an attached skirt.


WOW!It's amazing! I received it very soon .Dress is the really same as on picture.I love it so much.Thanks a lot!


Absolutely spectacular dress. Fit exactly as stated, though bust cups were far too large for my daughter. We did take the chest in a bit so she felt a bit more secure with the emptiness :) Can't wait for summer to get some good pictures of her wearing the dress.

توري الكرة بثوب خارج الكتف طول الكلمة فساتين حفلة موسيقية الأزرق