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ايمى حورية البحر الطابق طول الهائل فساتين حفلة موسيقية مع حجر الراين يزين

[رمز العنصر: CPS262]

US$  67.79 US$ 167.24 59% تنزيلات
اللون: اختر من فضلك اللون
خريطة اللون
وقت الخياطة: 13-17 أيام
وقت الشحن: 5-10 أيام

الشحن المعجل:5-10

الشحن القياسي:15-25

وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping

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وصف خريطة الحجم خريطة اللون Shipping
اسم المنتج: ايمى حورية البحر الطابق طول الهائل فساتين حفلة موسيقية مع حجر الراين يزين
رمز العنصر: B150960790696765
اللون: عاجي, ممبة, قرنفلي, الزهري المغبر, أحمر, مناويشي, عنابي, أسمر, اصفر, الوصاية على العرش, ليلكى, ملحة, الأزرق الملكي, أزرق غامق, أسود, فضة, أخضر غامق, فيروزي, النعناع الأخضر,
بحجم: US 2, US 4, US 6, US 8, US 10, US 12, US 14, US 16, US 14W, US 16W, US 18W, US 20W, US 22W, US 24W, US 26W,
أماكن: صالة, حديقة,
: سحاب,
الموسم: الصيف, الخريف, الشتاء, الربيع,
العنق: حبيبة,
مواد: صقيل مرن,
خيال: مرءة حامل,
: يخطئ,
قطار: الاجتياح / قطار الفرشاة,
طول الكم: بلا أكمام,
خط الخصر: بسيط,
هملين: الطابق طول,
زخرفة: زين,

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تاريخ: April 23, 2019

Wore the burgundy color for a black tie gala SO many compliments on this gown. I am 132lbs 5'6 and wore a size 6 fit like a glove! Has bra cups built in which was a huge plus as well. Would like to try other colors in future.

تاريخ: April 21, 2019

Stunning. Well worth the price and the quality and finish of the gold applique made the whole dress!

تاريخ: September 25, 2018

Good quality. I love it!

تاريخ: September 25, 2018

The dress was stunning had to get it hemmed. It was used for my daughter's 8th grade formal. Looks so much more expensive than it is. The burgundy color was not the same as in pictures but it was still beautiful

Mar***a R
تاريخ: September 24, 2018

I am in love!!! This dress was nicer than I expected. And the price is unbeatable! I bought the navy blue one for the Military Ball. I got so many compliments. Especially loved the illusion neckline esp for bigger chested girls like me -so it kept the dress up. The sequence is more of a gold than silver. I'm about 5'5 - 5'6 the dress was floor length, but it didn't drag with heels on. The dress is true to size. I would def re-order it!! Don't mind how the pic of The back looks, I couldn't zip it up by myself and I forgot to take a pic of it at the ball. Lol

تاريخ: September 23, 2018

Great dress and true to color. I am 5ft. 3inches 124lbs measure 32 bust 27 waist 38 hips I ordered a size 4 and it fits well and is true to size.

تاريخ: September 23, 2018

I was searching for a dress to wear to a lavish black tie wedding and this dress was perfect! Both photos of me in the dress are taken with 3 inch heels and I'm about 5'3". I ordered a size 2 and it fit me perfectly (except for the length). There's sewn in cups so you don't need a bra. However I used a sticky bra + strapless Aerie bra for more security since I would be dancing the night away. I'm really small on top (about 30A), so the duo bras helped me create some cleavage and shape. The dress was really comfortable and easy to move in. I did several alterations to this dress including hemming it and embellishing the lace. I used the blind hem stitch on my Singer machine but I believe you can also do those by hand (it'll just take longer). Up close, the gold lace looks a bit flat to me, so I decided to hand stitch seed beads in the flowers and sequins along the vines. I also used fabric glue to attach some gemstones to the oval parts. My tip is to alternate the sizes of your beads and if in doubt, smaller sequins will look better! You don't have to do this since the dress looks fine from afar but if you have the time, it's worth it. Pros: Fits well / comfortable Sewn in cups Quality + price, it looks more expensive than it is Purple color is beautiful Easy to embellish (the top isn't lined so you can easily sew on things) Cons: Alterations needed if you're short Small hook and eye clasp at the back of the neck tends to come undone (the dress stays up regardless though)

تاريخ: September 22, 2018

I am pear-shaped, so it was a little big in the top and waist area. However, I was able to take it in and it was a perfect fit. It was also complimentary to my skin tone. I wore it for an awards dinner and it was a hit. Worth the price. P.S. the dress is not lined so be mindful of your undergarments.

تاريخ: September 21, 2018

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL!! Super happy eith my dress

تاريخ: September 20, 2018

Love it, i cant believe it was that good for the price , we can said is good to be true :) super happy

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